General Information
  • Name: Juan De la Mata
  • Location: Lyon, France
  • Date of Birth: November 14, 1993
  • +33 7 69 62 07 02
Full Stack Developer
Hi, I'm Juan

I have always been passionate about technology. Most of my hobbies have always revolved around fiddling with computers and electronics, my curiosity about how stuff works has always driven me to try new things. Whether it was hosting video game servers or building very basic web pages, I always loved to discover new concepts on my own.

I am quite extroverted and cheerful, I am very much a geek but not your typical one. I speak three languages fluently and am in a never ending quest to learn more. My networking knows no borders.

Check out my Talentoday report here and personality radar here.

I adapt and support change.
I am motivated by challenges.
I communicate with ease.
I show precision in my work.